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Return and repair

  • We carefully check all products to ensure 100% quality.
  • However, in case of production defect discovered and after the appropriate expertise, we provide repair products for free. If the repair is not possible, we make exchange to same item or exchange with an additional charge or refund. If we found that the problem is not due to production defect (eg inappropriately worn), free repair or exchange are not performed.
  • Products that require repair due to production defect, in your opinion, should be sent to us. Please put into also a check for the shipping cost and we compensate your costs, but only if it is found to be manufacturing defects in the item.
  • In any case, we try to find a compromise. We are the company focused on quality service and it is not in our interests to keep the client dissatisfied. Just contact us and together we will solve any problem.
  • If you are not satisfied with the item received, in accordance with the rules of distance contract, you have the right within 14 days after receiving of goods to return it back.
  • Products should be their original condition.
  • We transfer the money (excluding shipping costs) on your account within 7 days after receiving the items.
  • Return aplication form must be filled in.
If you do not come for your order to the post and it returned back to us, we can refund you the order sum, excluding shipping costs, as well as 10% of order sum (but not less 7 EUR) as a commission for processing the order.
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