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You do not have a specific idea of what to gift?
Or do you doubt your choice and think that someone whom you plan to make gift will make better choice?
Now you can solve these problems quickly and easily using our re-designed service

Gift Cards

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Rules of buying and using of Giftcards.

  • If you have received a gift card to use this card as payment for any of the more than 7,000 articles on our website - just click on the "Use" or enter the gift card number in the corresponding field in the order basket.

  • If you have purchased a gift card, open the section " Gift Cards ", where you can see all your active gift cards. Here you will be able to use the gift as you wish: print out and give to someone, send a card by e-mail, or you can use in the future to pay for your own order. Note:
    • You can write your personal message (wishes, greetings) gift card to the recipient.
    • If you are sending a card through email, you can note that you are giving a gift card anonymously.
  • Gift cards may be fully or partially used for any item(s) on our website. You can also use it for payment of shipping fee. If the amount of the purchase is less than the value of gift card - the difference will not be refunded. If the amount of the purchase more than the value of gift card - the difference could be paid by any of the proposed methods of payment.
  • Standard gift card validity period - 1 year from the date of payment. Special promotional cards may have different validity periods. After expiration, the card becomes inactive.
  • Refund for unused gift card can be made according to general rules of return, within 2 weeks from the date of payment.
  • When returning the order paid by gift card(s), we compensate the of the order in money.
  • Buying of gift card increases the amount paid orders and thus personal discount. But payment by gift card does not increase the amount of paid orders and personal discount.
  • The initial value of gift cards is defined in euros. If an order is made in another currency, the value of the gift card is converted at the current exchange rate to the currency of the order.
  • Changing of the value of a gift card or exchanging it to several smaller giftcards at not allowed.

    Gift cards - this is a new feature on our website. If you have any questions or suggestions conserning use of gift cards - please write to us .

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