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Jewelry wear and care how to
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Jewelry wear and care how to

Use of jewelry

Jewelry must be removed if you do the following:
  • clean the room, do the dishes or do other chores;
  • take a bath or shower;
  • use body cosmetics (creams, lotions, ointments);
  • go to bed;
  • visit the solarium, sauna and steam room;
  • sunbathe, swim, play sports;
  • Etc. cases where there is the likelihood of mechanical, thermal or chemical effects on jewelry.
  • wear items under a heavy layer of clothing, as well as tight-fitting clothes, to avoid distortion of the product;
  • wear a pendant on a chain that weighs more than a chain;
  • wear several pendants on the same chain (possible damage and wear);
  • clean jewelry with toothpaste, sand or other abrasive materials;
  • the effect of cosmetic products on the product (perfume, hairspray, etc.);
  • mechanical, chemical damage on products with rhodium, matte, oxidized coating.
When wearing jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones, it is necessary to take into account that:
  • with sudden changes in temperature, the stone may change its color;
  • some stones (topaz, ruby, amethyst, turquoise, pearls, garnet, etc.) become discolored under the influence of sunlight, therefore they need to be stored in a dark place (in a casket);
  • products with pearls and coral require careful treatment, since the stones are of natural origin and can be easily damaged.

Shoe Jewelry

Over time, when worn, any product may fade, lose luster, yellow (silver) - from environmental influences.

It is best to entrust the cleaning of jewelry to professionals in a jewelry workshop or in a specialized jewelry store; however, this can be done at home with the help of special jewelry cleaning cloths and liquids.

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