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Our concept

Your only jewelry store on the Internet.
    Jewelry Store vitreum.lv - is a virtual showroom of a wholesale supplier of jewelry. You have a unique opportunity to buy jewelry at low prices direct from the warehouse of the wholesale distributor.

    We are working on the jewelry market for many years. Our suppliers - jewelry factories and craftsmen from around the world. We offer only the best, most beautiful, most stylish.

    In our collection there are items to suit all tastes - classical and extravagant models, products not only for women but for men and even children. As is evident from our assortment, the most of our collection took sterling silver items, but also well represented items from the "rose" 14 carat (585) gold.

    We are attempting to continuously update and complement our collection. For example, recently we have greatly expanded range of inexpensive silver jewelry with genuine, certified precious stones: rubies, sapphires, emeralds.

Why are we cheaper?

    The answer is - we are not paying high rent for the real store, as well as for expensive design, decoration and lighting, and for many other things necessary for common store. We do not need to include all these costs into the price to get back these expenses from the client. At the same time, we guarantee the quality - every product is tested in the State Assay Inspection and by our experts.

Get the best, but cheaper and more convenient.

    Our benefits has been evaluated hundreds of clients. A wide selection of jewelry, low prices, responsive and fast service, friendly site with unique capabilities, personal discounts for returning customers. You get range of many jewelry stores directly on your screen, and at lower prices!

Save your time and money, be modern.

    We are pleased that many of our clients have chosen us as their exclusive jewelry store, where they get gifts for themselves and their loved ones ...


Your jewelry store vitreum.lv

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